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Books and bookwork

Annual book and stationery requirements for students and our book policy are outlined here.

Good bookwork

Good bookwork contributes to strong learning.

Randwick Boys High School encourages students to take pride in their bookwork. Even in the age of technology, bookwork is important. It promotes organisational skills and provides a written record that is easily accessible.

Students will often use both computers and books for their classwork, especially after Year 9. Having a neat, well-organised book complements well organised electronic files. Teachers will instruct students as to whether they should use a workbook or computer for a particular piece of work.

Clear, neat handwriting has been identified as one of the indicators of success at school. To support clear, neat handwriting, students are encouraged to hand write a proportion of their work. Teachers will instruct students as to whether a piece of work needs to be handwritten or whether it may be completed on computer.

Currently, the Higher School Certificate examination is a handwritten examination. For this reason, handwriting skills and good bookwork remain important in gaining a successful education.

Taking pride in good bookwork

A well-organised book is one where work is clearly set out. Good organisation is easy if students follow a few simple rules:

  • Rule a margin for each page. Use the same colour (red) for every margin, so the book looks the same on each page.
  • Start a new page for each lesson.
  • Put the date at the top of the page when you start to write. This helps to keep track of work.
  • Underline headings. This develops a good organisational structure to the book.
  • Rule off finished work to indicate that nothing more needs to be done.
  • Stick all sheets into the book as close as possible to the work to which they refer.

Neat, well-organised books show that a student is proud of his learning. Equally importantly, it provides an organised way to study for examinations and assessment tasks, so it can contribute directly to success in learning.

Everyone can be a proud, organised learner. It's easy to develop good organisational habits and being organised brings life-long benefits.

General stationery requirements

To be prepared for school, students should have the following stationery with them every day:

  • At least two blue or black biro pens. Good quality pens are better for developing good handwriting.
  • A red pen.
  • A lead pencil.
  • An eraser.
  • A sharpener.
  • A ruler.
  • A glue stick.
  • A pencil case with the student's name and roll call class written inside.

For more information, please download our list of book requirements (PDF 166KB) for each year.