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High Potential and Gifted Education Program

High Potential and Gifted Education Program 2024

Applications for Year 7 students to join our High Potential and Gifted Education Program for 2024 will open on Tuesday 02 May 2023. The test will take place on Saturday 03 June 2023.

To register your son for the High Potential and Gifted Education Program test for Year 7, 8, 9, 10 2024, please go to the following link:


Further Information

2024 High Potential and Gifted Education Program (Year 7, 8, 9 & 10)

Applications Open: 02 May, 2023

Applications Close: 26 May, 2023

PLEASE NOTE:  Late applications will NOT be accepted.

Information Session…...Tuesday, 02 May, 2023 (5-6.30pm) Library

Testing Date……………..Saturday, 03 June, 2023

Testing Time…………..…8:45am – 12.30pm

Interviews……….Monday, 31 July – Friday, 01 September, 2023

Notification to Parents…Week commencing Monday, 09 October, 2023.


Randwick Boys' High School provides a safe and caring environment for your son to learn and grow, a place where he can develop his academic, sporting, social and cultural potential. By offering a diverse, challenging curriculum, well supported by a dedicated, professional staff, our students learn in a dynamic environment and become successful, lifelong learners.

High potential and gifted students are enriched by a variety of experiences in academic activities, sport, the arts and leadership. Participation in university challenges, STEM enrichment days, project-based learning tasks, a Sydney wide competitive boys' school sporting zone and our annual school production with Randwick Girls' High School, provide some of those experiences.

Interstate excursions provide added richness to students learning experiences. Our location enables us to maximise opportunities for students to visit places relevant to their learning, including the University of New South Wales.

Students are encouraged to explore their creative talents through innovative programs in dance, voice, drama, music and the visual arts. The creative talents of all student are nurtured and developed.

An active leadership program has been developed with the Students' Representative Council and the Student Leadership Team, comprising the school Captains, Prefects and SRC.

The school has a focus on positive behaviour for learning and in developing, in each student, the potential to achieve his best. Our students join us as boys, but they leave us as men.


Applicants must satisfy the following criteria:


Students must compete academically with other candidates for entry into the Gifted and Talented Program.  Academic merit is determined by:

·      Academic placement tested conducted by Academic Assessment Services,

·      Student School Report and NAPLAN results,

·      The provision of a portfolio of student work samples.

Details of each are set out on the following pages.

Academic Placement Test

Academic Assessment Services conducts this independent and secure test in English, Mathematics and General Ability. It is set at an advanced level of difficulty. Register for the test via the School’s Gifted & Talented (High Potential & Gifted) Students Page.


School Progress Report and NAPLAN results

For the Year 7, 2024 intake, and the Year 8, 9 & 10 2024 intake (limited places): The most recent Student School Report and:

Year 7, 2023

·         Year 5 NAPLAN Results

Year 8, 9 & 10, 2023:

·         Most recent NAPLAN Results

Both documents provide further evidence that establishes both student performance and application to learning.


Student Portfolio and Current Photograph

In addition to the above, the Student Learning Portfolio will present samples of work, including:

·         A piece of creative writing.

·         Documentation showing special talents, for example, artistic, technological, historical, musical, sporting, etc.

·         Special awards that detail specific interest or abilities. E.g. academic competitions, cultural achievements and leadership acknowledgement. Portfolio will be kept by the school for some time so PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ORIGINALS. Following placement offers, portfolios will be available for collection.


Following the Academic Placement Test, successful candidates will be called to interview, where they present their School Reports and Portfolio. Neither of these items will be required at the time of the Academic Placement Test.


·      Students must be Australian citizens or entitled to study in Australia.

·     Students from non-government primary schools may also apply.

Family placement claim

Where students have equal results, the student with a family placement claim will be given priority. For most students, this will have little effect on the outcome. Parents may make a family placement claim if a brother currently attends the school.


The Randwick Boys’ High School Gifted and Talented Placement Test will be conducted at the school on Saturday, 03 June 2023.

The testing timetable is as follows:

·      Start:                      8:45am

·      Recess:                10:30am

·      Second session: 11:00am

·      Finish:                  12:30pm

The test is administered by an independent assessor to provide a secure test that will be unavailable for scrutiny before or after the test session.

In general, academic research does not indicate that coaching or practice will significantly improve the results of students on ability tests.

Students are assessed in:

·      Reasoning and problem solving,

·      Mathematical achievement and reasoning,

·      Reading comprehension,

·      Written expression.

Each test is approximately 40 minutes in duration. Applicants should not expect to answer every question.


This cost is incurred by the school hiring an independent assessor who provides a written report on each student’s results. A personalised student report will be delivered to parents, either during the interview process, or by mail, after the selection process is completed.


 (Register via the school’s website from 02 May, 2023).




All students wishing to be selected must be present on the testing day. If a student is unable to take the test on the stated day, and the reasons are validated by such evidence as a Medical Certificate, he will be invited to take the test at a later date if the documents provided with the application are sufficiently supportive of his eligibility to take a place in the class. This decision will be made by the Selection Committee.

Should circumstances, such as sickness or an accident, prevent a student from taking the test or from doing his best, you should advise the school immediately. You must include a Medical Certificate if the candidate was sick.



A Selection Committee for the school will meet to choose students using the “Criteria for Placement” listed on Page 3. The Selection Committee comprises three of the following: Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Advisor or a Head Teacher.



Enquiries about courses or programs offered can be made by visiting the website: https://randwickb-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/learning-at-our-school/gifted-and-talented-program.html. All other enquiries can be directed to the attention of the Deputy Principal at Randwick Boys’ High School at the address or numbers listed below.

Randwick Boys’ High School

Cnr Rainbow & Avoca Streets, Randwick NSW 2031

P: 02 9399 3122 F: 02 9399 9546

E: All randwickb-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au







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