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Welfare and discipline policy

Teachers, parents and students have been consulted on the Student Welfare and Discipline Policy.

Our Welfare and Discipline Policy is based on the premise that students must learn to be responsible for their own actions.

Student welfare ethos

Our school is a community of young learners, their parents and teachers. Our purpose is to achieve learning success for all.

We believe our purpose is best achieved in an atmosphere of:

  • caring and positive relationships
  • regular praise and acknowledgement of effort
  • clear expectations of a code of behaviour and consequences of non-compliance.

We are therefore committed to:

  • providing a caring school environment,
  • developing quality relationships between staff and students.

Randwick Boys High School has the non-confrontational approach to discipline which enables us to encourage a variety of more acceptable behaviours among our students. Boys will be given the opportunity to learn to resolve conflict appropriately, to empathise with others and to develop positive relationships.

Our welfare and discipline system is based on the idea that students must learn to be responsible for their own actions.

Strategies to recognise and reinforce student achievement

It is important that all students regularly receive praise and acknowledgement as they become better learners and develop the responsibilities inherent in our code of behaviour.

Strategies include:

  • regular praise and acknowledgement from all staff
  • extensive use  of classroom and hallway displays to acknowledge individuals and team initiatives
  • letters of commendation to the student's family
  • acknowledgement of individual achievement through school and team newsletters
  • extensive use of the local media to acknowledge individual and school achievements
  • regular commendations at assemblies and year meetings
  • a merit award scheme that formalizes acknowledgement of special achievement through several levels of awards.

NSW Department of Education and training core rules

All students in NSW government schools are expected to:

  • attend every school day, unless they are legally excused, and be in class on time and prepared to learn.
  • maintain a neat appearance, including adhering to the requirements of the school's uniform or dress code policy.
  • Behave safely, considerately and responsibly, including when travelling to and from school.
  • Show respect at all times for teachers, other school staff and helpers, including following class rules, speaking courteously and cooperating with instructions and learning activities.
  • Treat one another with dignity and respect.
  • Care for property belonging to themselves, the school and others.

Behaviour that infringes on the safety of others, such as harassment, bullying and illegal or anti-social behaviour of any kind, will not be tolerated. 

School code of behaviour


All students have the right to learn in a positive and successful learning environment.

This means:

  • learning in an environment free from interruptions from others
  • being encouraged to try and achieve all they can receiving praise and acknowledgement for their effort and achievement
  • being in a school which has a strong tradition of community support and respect.

All students have the right to be in a caring, safe and happy environment.

This means:

  • being treated with respect, courtesy and fairness
  • learning in a pleasant and well-maintained environment
  • being treated in accordance with current policies and procedures of the school
  • having access to counselling and support services.


All students have a responsibility to contribute to a positive and successful learning environment.

This means:

  • respecting fellow students right to learn and acknowledge the effort 
  • attending regularly and being punctual
  • creating a positive image in the community
  • being a successful and co-operative learner
  • wearing the full school uniform with pride every day.

All students have the responsibility to create a safe, caring and happy environment.

This means:

  • considering the rights of staff, students and visitors
  • being polite and treating people with respect
  • caring for the property of others and the school environment
  • following the laws of our society
  • acting in an appropriate way in public and on buses so as to enhance the good reputation of the school

Our school rules

Following are our school rules:

  • be prepared
  • be on time to class
  • listen to and follow instructions
  • be polite and respect others - staff, students and visitors
  • look after school property
  • behave in a safe and sensible way
  • were your school uniform with pride