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Social science

Subjects in the faculty expose students to contemporary issues on a local, national and global scale. Students are encouraged to research areas of interest through the reading of print media, watching current affairs programs and discussing current issues with family and friends. The focus and ethos of our faculty is the develop students to become civic minded citizens in a dynamic society.

Geography is compulsory from years 7 to 10 (stage 4) and is semesterised with history in years 9.

Commerce is an elective subject, taught in Years 9 and 10 (Stage 5). A unit of commerce is taught at the end of year 7 and year 8 on consumer choice as a taster, and also to provide general consumer protection education for students.

 In Years 11 and 12 (stage 6) the following subjects are offered:

Business studies

Business studies teaches students about theoretical and practical aspects of business and management through case studies, similar to those which students will encounter in life. Its focus areas range from the planning of a small business to the broader roles of operations management, finance, human resource management and marketing in a local and global context.


Economics provides students with unique insights into problems and issues associated with managing the economy in a global economic environment. Students  learn, using theory, economic models and  statistics, to discuss policies to solve economic problems.


Geography allows students to study the spatial and ecological dimensions of the natural and human environment, to recognise and understand environmental change and the interactions which take place in our world. Geographers investigate the opportunities for human activities, the constraints placed upon them and the impacts of these activities. Fieldwork is a key component of geographical research in the course.

Legal studies

Legal Studies develops students' knowledge and understanding of the nature and function of law and law-making, the development of Australian and international legal systems, the Australian constitution and the role of the individual. This is achieved by investigating, analysing and synthesising legal information and investigating legal issues from a variety of perspectives. Students investigate the key areas of law, justice and human rights through a variety of focus studies which consider how changes in societies influence law reform.


North Queensland excursion

This excursion allows our students to experience the rainforset and reef ecosystems of the Daintree and the Great Barrier Reef. Our students develop an personal appreciation of these threatened habitats.

Centennial Parklands

Year 7 geography explore and investigate wetlands through a number of fieldwork activities at the ponds of Centennial Park. 

Centenniel Parklands - investigating wetlands (Year 7)

  • Cockatoo Island - analyse urban environments (Year 9)
  • Orica industrial site - investigate a contemporary issue (Year 10)
  • Luna Park - exposure to business management (year 11)
  • Supreme and district court - understanding the Australian legal system.

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